API Information

The i2k Align API is a flexible interface using standard C function calls. Alternatively, a simple-to-use command line executable is available for batch processing. This executable provides similar functionality to the API, controlled through command line arguments.

Programmers are able to start multiple sessions where each session can load images, run the core registration process, query the results, and then generate a variety of outputs including aligned images and montage images (often called stitched images or mosaic images).

Inter-image transformations and correspondences can be output without creating any new images. Programmers have significant control over the size and format of the output images, when seam selection is applied, and the level of color, illumination and vignetting correction. The API provides detailed progress report and a function to cancel the process at any point during computation.The API also gives control over activation and de-activation of the software license.

The library can be configured to enable additional function calls to break up the images into multiple capture groups (different data collection runs), to work with multi-band images, to specify information about the pattern of camera movement, to generate sequences of mosaics as output, to specify regions of interest, and to communicate memory-mapped images and results.

Both the API and the command-line executable are available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, working in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

For further information about the API , please email info@dualalign.com